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With the recent Covid­19 situation it can be difficult to come up with entertainment that will be allowed under ever changing rules. Perhaps a reworking of an old favourite can provide an interesting distraction?
The old favourite is bingo, a classic form of group entertainment. However, a little tweak to the basic rules allows us to play the game using virtual meetings technology (Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc). All we need is a bingo app that selects the virtual balls and reads out the numbers together with wellknown phrases.

A simple app called “Bingo Balls” has been developed to be used with normal or virtual groups. To make things a bit more interesting, the app can use different computerised voices.

However, this version of Bingo Balls has had its phrases adjusted for use with a speech therapy group. Instead of playing computerised voices, the players have to read out the phrases. Select "Phrases" with a blank voice to make the computerised voice silent.

Then, as each ball is selected, one player reads out loud the ball's slang phrase. Every player checks their card and shouts "House" if they complete their card and win the game. The next player in the group will read out the next phrase. Thus each member of the group reads phrases in turn.

Standard BingoBalls

If you don't want the "Loud" versions of BingoBalls, you can download the standard versions here:

BingoBalls-v1.5(014) (10 MB)

BingoBalls-v1.5(014) (12 MB)

BingoBalls-v1.5(014) (18 MB)


Bingo Balls is available for free and runs on Macintosh and Windows computers. It consists of a folder containing the app itself together with a simple text file that contains the numbered list of phrases.

If you’d like a copy of Bingo Balls, just download the relevant Zip file above to receive the app together with a set of PDF files containing bingo cards to distribute to the players.

The app is provided free of charge with no warranties or guarantees - use it or not as you wish.


This app has been developed to run on any recent version of Windows from Windows 10 onwards. Also, it can run on any recent version of OS X/macOS on the Macintosh from v 10.13.x onwards (including Catalina, 10.15.x).

This app doesn't require any special installer, simply unzip the archive you've downloaded and move the "BingoBalls" folder to your desktop.


To uninstall the app, no uninstaller is needed, just throw away its folder.

Getting Started

  1. Copy the folder “BingoBalls” to the desktop.

  2. If you want to change any phrases, edit the file “Bingo Phrases.txt”.

  3. Distribute the PDF Bingo card files to the players.

  4. Open BingoBalls.exe/ and turn on the phrases.

  5. Select a computerised voice.

  6. Start selecting balls!

Can't Open ...

Note that both Mac and Windows users may be asked to give permission to run the app for the first time. This is because we haven't gone through the processes to register the app with Apple and Microsoft - it's not worth the effort for limited distribution apps.

If you're unhappy about this or at all unsure that you trust our apps, don't use them! Otherwise, just do what's required once and you'll not be bothered again when you use the app from then onwards.

See "  Can't Open Mac App.pdf " or "  Can't Open Windows App.pdf " as appropiate for guidance.

Contact Details

Our contact details are as follows:

  Dr Peter Reid
Reid-IT Limited
LE11 3SP, UK

This page was last updated 1 December 2020.